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Q: How did you come up with the Beer Knob?
A: Inspired to do my part to save the manual transmission, I looked to an undoubtedly longer living market/industry/sector. Beer!

Q: Can the Beer Knob open any bottled beverage?
A: The Beer Knob can open most all crimped-on crown bottle caps. But it’s not intended for use on twist-off bottle caps - the opener can catch the threads of the bottle top and chip the glass.

Q: Will the Beer Knob work in my car?
A: Definitely not. Beer Knob should only be enjoyed outside your car.

Q: Do I need to know how to drive stick shift to use the Beer Knob?
A: No! But you should be of legal drinking age if opening an alcoholic beverage.

Q: Can I shift the Beer Knob into any gear?
A: Absolutely! Just don’t forget to first clutch the bottle firmly.